St. Christopher, the first Caribbean island to be permanently settled by both the English and the French (who shared the island between 1627 and 1713 ), was a model and a springboard for English and French colonialism in the Caribbean and elsewhere.
'First Ever Emancipation Festival at Brimstone Hill'

On Sunday 11th August 2013 the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park shall be the venue for the first ever Brimstone Hill Emancipation Festival. The Brimstone Hill Society will be partnering with the University of the West Indies Open Campus, Island Xpressions and of course our nation's many creative souls to bring you this exciting new event. Bring your family, your friends and your picnic blanket if you wish to enjoy a day in celebration of our glorious rise out of bondage. From 1 pm there will be a literary festival, arts and craft, local food and drink, folklore and an Emancipation Lecture. At 4:30 pm the popular Emancipation Concert will provide the climax for our celebration. The theme for the 2-13 Brimstone Hill Emancipation Festival is "True Liberation Through Ownership of Our Heritage". Admission for this grand day of reflection, fun and celebration all within the unequalled ambiance of Brimstone Hill is only $15.00 EC for adults and $5.00 EC for children.

Calling all our talented, gifted and creative people. If you wish to showcase your talent at the Brimstone Hill Emancipation Festival, call 465-2609 to register your name, contact details and talent!.


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